Kreator – Hordes Of Chaos/Ultra Riot [Ultra Edition Boxed Set] (2010)

GENRE: Thrash Metal (Germany)

Hordes Of Chaos – Ultra Riot
1. Hordes Of Chaos (A Necrologue For The Elite)
2. Warcurse
3. Escalation
4. Amok Run
5. Destroy What Destroys You
6. Radical Resistance
7. Absolute Misanthropy
8. To The Afterborn
9. Corpses Of Liberty
10. Demon Prince

Bonus CD
1. Hordes Of Chaos
2. Radical Resistance (Demo version)
3. To The Afterborn (Demo version)
4. World Without Religion (Demo version of ‘Escalation’ – different arrangement)
5. Amok Run (Demo version)
6. Alle Gegen Alle (Demo version) (Slim cover featuring Nagel and Thees Ulmann)
7. You Are The Government (Demo version) (Bad Religion cover)

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