Children Of Bodom - Blooddrunk (2008)

GENRE: Melodic Death Metal (Finland)

1.Hellhounds On My Trail 03:58
2.Blooddrunk 04:05
3.LoBodomy 04:24
4.One Day You Will Cry 04:05
5.Smile Pretty For The Devil 03:54
6.Tie My Rope 04:14
7.Done With Everything, Die For Nothing 03:29
8.Banned From Heaven 05:05
9.Roadkill Morning 03:32

Bonus tracks:
10. Ghost Riders In The Sky (03:36)
Stan Jones cover, on the digipack and the limited (UK) edition.
11. Lookin' Out My Back Door (02:08)
CCR cover, on the limited (UK) edition and also on the Blooddrunk single.
12. Just Dropped In (02:38)

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